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The Process Involved in Home Foundation Inspections

The Process Involved in Home Foundation Inspections

The foundation inspections of a home are always performed by a qualified expert as a way of maintenance. The main goal of this task is to either avoid entire foundation replacement or to reduce the cost that will be needed in the repairs. As a homeowner, having an expert inspecting your basement and coming up with good news about its state will give you a peace of mind. To determine if there is a problem with your home foundation the expert will always consider inspecting both the inside and outside of the house.

Interior and Exterior Walls

Foundation Inspections

During this process the expert will have to look on the walls to find out if there is any evident leaning, bowing, cracks or shifting. You can know the severity of cracks depending on where they are located and their sizes.The expert will always inform you that not all manner of cracks on the walls means a ticking time bomb. Structural damage may not be caused by all types of cracks on the bricks or masonry. Foundation problems can occur when there is too much settling of the entire structure which can be triggered by poor condition of the soil beneath. The expert will have to look at the condition of the soil and drainage.

How Straight is the Foundation

The expert can know if your home is straight or not by simply figuring out the exact length of the foundation starting at one corner to the other end. Are the doors and windows in their right place? This is checked by founding out if they both close and open without applying unnecessary force. If your home has a basement area, the expert will go down to examine if the supports are still in their rightful place and straight.


This is another important area that needs to be inspected during the waterproofing foundation inspections processes. The expert will evaluate the available slabs to check whether there are flaking, cracks and shifting just but to mention. The area to be checked include the patios, sidewalk and garage because they do have slabs. The basement will always have a floor above it and its slab needs to be inspected too. Chimneys have a high tendency of chipping or cracking because of the heat it is exposed to. The inspector will also look at this area.

The last but not the least in this task is to find any evident stagnant water. Water is known to be the main contributing factor when it comes to foundation damage. When the inspection is done, the necessary remedy will be brought to you and the right step to take too.

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