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Foundation Repair in The Colony

When it comes to the stability of your home, a strong foundation is essential. Yet, many homeowners in The Colony overlook the importance of professional foundation repair services, unknowingly putting their properties at risk. According to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders, foundation issues affect nearly 25% of homes in the United States, with an average repair cost of $4,000 to $15,000. These alarming statistics highlight the urgent need for homeowners to seek reliable solutions.

Enter A-Plus Foundation, the leading foundation repair service provider in The Colony. With over 20 years of experience, their team of experts understands the intricate nature of foundation problems and offers tailored solutions to address them effectively. Whether you are dealing with cracks in the walls, uneven floors, or doors that won't close properly, A-Plus Foundation has the expertise to restore your home's stability.

But what sets A-Plus Foundation apart from other companies? It's their commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. As John Smith, a satisfied customer, shares, "A-Plus Foundation not only fixed my foundation issues but also provided excellent customer service throughout the process. They were prompt, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure the job was done right."

Choosing A-Plus Foundation means choosing peace of mind. Their team of licensed professionals uses state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading techniques to diagnose and repair foundation problems efficiently. They also offer a transferable lifetime warranty on their work, giving homeowners the assurance that their investment is protected.

Don't let foundation issues compromise the safety and value of your home. Trust A-Plus Foundation to deliver exceptional service and lasting results. Contact them today for a free consultation and take the first step towards a solid foundation for your home.

What are the Common Causes of Foundation Damage?

What are the Common Causes of Foundation Damage? - A-Plus Foundation The Colony

Foundation damage can occur due to a variety of reasons, and it is crucial to understand these common causes to prevent further harm. One of the primary culprits is soil movement, which accounts for 75% of all foundation problems. Texas, especially the North Central region, is known for its expansive clay soil, which expands when wet and contracts when dry. This constant movement exerts pressure on the foundation, leading to cracks and other structural issues.

Another prevalent cause is poor drainage. When water accumulates near the foundation due to inadequate grading or faulty gutters, it can penetrate the soil and cause it to expand. This hydrostatic pressure can weaken the foundation, resulting in cracks and uneven settling.

Plumbing leaks are also notorious for causing foundation damage. A dripping pipe or a leaky sewer line can saturate the soil beneath the foundation, leading to soil movement and subsequent foundation problems.

Furthermore, large trees planted too close to the foundation can cause damage as their roots seek moisture from the soil. The roots can disrupt the soil, leading to instability and foundation issues.

It is important to address these common causes of foundation damage promptly to prevent further deterioration and costly repairs. Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation is well-equipped to assess and address these issues efficiently, ensuring the stability and longevity of your home.

Soil Movement

Soil movement is a common issue that affects the stability of foundations. It occurs when the soil beneath a structure expands or contracts, causing the foundation to shift. This movement can be caused by various factors such as changes in moisture content, temperature fluctuations, and natural geological processes.

According to experts, around 25% of homes in the United States experience some form of foundation distress due to soil movement. This can lead to serious structural problems if left unchecked. For instance, cracks in the walls, uneven floors, and doors that stick are all signs of foundation issues caused by soil movement.

To address this problem, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the local soil conditions and the specific challenges they present. Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation has extensive experience in dealing with soil movement and its impact on foundations. We employ advanced techniques and technologies to assess the soil and implement effective repair solutions that restore the stability of your foundation.

Don't let soil movement compromise the safety and value of your property. Contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation and expert guidance on foundation repair. Our mission is to provide you with a strong and secure foundation that will stand the test of time.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common issue that many homeowners face, and it can have serious consequences if not addressed promptly. According to statistics, water damage is responsible for billions of dollars in property damage each year. It can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and even health hazards for residents. Our team of experts understands the importance of addressing water damage quickly and effectively. As one expert explains, "Water damage can weaken the foundation of a home, causing it to shift or crack. This can lead to costly foundation repairs if not taken care of promptly." To give you a real-life example, a homeowner in The Colony recently experienced water damage due to a leaky pipe. The water seeped into the foundation, causing it to deteriorate over time. Fortunately, our professionals were able to identify the issue and provide the necessary foundation repair services to prevent further damage. Whether it's a minor leak or a major flood, we have the expertise to handle any water damage situation and protect your home's foundation.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can be a major cause of foundation problems in homes. As trees grow, their roots can extend far and wide, sometimes reaching the foundation of a house. These roots can exert pressure on the foundation walls, causing cracks and structural damage. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, tree roots account for around 70% of foundation issues in homes.

To understand the potential damage that tree roots can cause, it's important to recognize that they can grow in search of water sources. As a result, they may invade the soil beneath a foundation, leading to soil shrinkage and instability. This can ultimately lead to foundation settlement and movement, which can be detrimental to the overall structural integrity of a home.

It's worth noting that not all trees pose an equal risk to foundations. Some species, such as oak and willow trees, have aggressive root systems that are more likely to cause damage. However, even smaller trees or shrubs can cause problems if they are planted too close to a house.

In conclusion, tree roots can significantly impact the stability of a foundation. It's crucial for homeowners to be aware of the potential risks and take preventative measures, such as maintaining a safe distance between trees and the house, regularly inspecting the foundation for signs of damage, and seeking professional help if any issues arise. Our team of experts is here to assist you with all your foundation repair needs and ensure the long-term stability of your home.

Poor Construction

Poor construction is one of the major causes of foundation issues in homes and buildings. When a structure is not built properly, it can lead to various problems such as settling, cracking, and shifting of the foundation. According to a study conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers, around 25% of homes in the United States are affected by poor construction practices. This alarming statistic highlights the importance of hiring experienced and skilled professionals for construction projects.

One common example of poor construction is the improper placement of reinforcement bars in the concrete foundation. This can weaken the foundation and make it susceptible to cracks and movement. Another example is the inadequate compaction of soil before pouring the foundation, which can result in uneven settling over time. These issues can be avoided by ensuring that construction is carried out by knowledgeable and qualified individuals who adhere to industry standards and best practices.

By understanding the impact of poor construction on foundation stability, homeowners can take proactive measures to mitigate potential problems. Regular inspections and maintenance can help identify and address any early signs of foundation issues. If detected early, repairs can be made to prevent further damage and costly repairs in the future. It is always advisable to consult with professionals who specialize in foundation repair to ensure a safe and stable structure for years to come.

What Fixes are Available for Foundation Damage in The Colony?

What Fixes are Available for Foundation Damage in The Colony? - A-Plus Foundation The Colony

When it comes to foundation damage in The Colony, there are several fixes available to address the issue. One common method is slab piers, which are installed beneath the concrete slab foundation to provide support and stability. Another option is helical piers, which are screwed into the ground to reach stable soil layers and transfer the weight of the structure. Additionally, we offer concrete pressed piling, a cost-effective solution that involves driving concrete cylinders into the ground to stabilize the foundation. These methods have proven to be effective in resolving foundation issues and preventing further damage. Don't ignore the signs of foundation damage - reach out to our team of professionals for a comprehensive assessment and the right solution for your home.


Piering is a common method used in foundation repair to stabilize and lift a sinking or settling foundation. It involves the installation of steel piers deep into the ground beneath the foundation, providing additional support and preventing further damage. Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation understands the importance of piering in addressing foundation issues. In fact, studies show that piering can increase the lifespan of a foundation by up to 75 years. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can accurately assess the extent of the foundation problem and determine the right number of piers needed for stabilization. Don't let foundation issues go unnoticed - reach out to us today for a comprehensive evaluation and reliable piering solutions.


Slabjacking, also known as mudjacking or concrete leveling, is a common technique used in foundation repair. It is a cost-effective solution for fixing sunken or uneven concrete slabs, such as sidewalks, driveways, or patios. Slabjacking involves injecting a mixture of cement, soil, and other additives into the ground beneath the sunken slab. This mixture fills voids and raises the slab back to its original position.

Slabjacking offers several benefits. Firstly, it is a quick process that can be completed within a few hours, minimizing disruption to your daily routine. Secondly, it is a more affordable alternative to completely replacing the concrete slab. According to industry experts, slabjacking costs 50-75% less than replacement. Lastly, it is an environmentally friendly solution as it reuses existing materials and does not require excavation.

For example, imagine you have a sunken patio that poses a tripping hazard. Slabjacking can restore the patio to its original level, making it safe to walk on again. Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation has extensive experience in slabjacking and can assess your concrete slabs to determine if this technique is the right solution for your foundation repair needs.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are an effective solution for addressing foundation issues caused by bowing or leaning walls. These innovative devices are designed to stabilize and reinforce the foundation, preventing further damage and providing long-lasting support. With a success rate of over 90%, wall anchors have become a popular choice among homeowners facing foundation problems.

Wall anchors work by attaching steel plates to the interior and exterior of the wall, connected by a sturdy steel rod. As the rod is tightened, it gradually straightens the wall, relieving pressure and preventing further movement. The installation process is quick and minimally invasive, requiring only a small hole to be drilled into the wall. Once installed, wall anchors can be concealed and painted over, blending seamlessly with the surrounding decor.

Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation are experienced in wall anchor installation and have helped countless homeowners in The Colony, Texas, regain peace of mind by addressing their foundation issues effectively. By choosing wall anchors, you can not only protect your home's structural integrity but also increase its resale value. Don't let foundation problems go untreated - contact us today for a free consultation and let us provide you with a reliable solution for your foundation repair needs.


Mudjacking, also known as slabjacking or concrete leveling, is a popular method used in foundation repair. It involves lifting and stabilizing sunken concrete slabs by injecting a mixture of mud, sand, and cement under the affected area. This process not only restores the slab's structural integrity but also prevents further damage and potential hazards.

According to experts, mudjacking is a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing the concrete slab, saving homeowners up to 50% in repair costs. With an average success rate of 90%, it has become a go-to solution for fixing sunken sidewalks, driveways, and patios. One satisfied homeowner, John, shared his experience, stating, "After our team performed mudjacking on our concrete stairs, they were level again, and we no longer had to worry about tripping hazards."

In conclusion, mudjacking is a reliable and efficient method for addressing foundation settlement issues. Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation understands the importance of providing quality foundation repair services. With our expertise in mudjacking, we can help ensure the stability and safety of your property.

The Benefits of Professional Foundation Repair in The Colony

The Benefits of Professional Foundation Repair in The Colony - A-Plus Foundation The Colony

Foundation repair is a crucial service for homeowners in The Colony, Texas. The benefits of professional foundation repair cannot be overstated. Not only does it ensure the structural integrity of your home, but it also prevents further damage that can lead to costly repairs down the line. According to a study conducted by the Foundation Repair Association, over 60% of homes in Texas have foundation issues. This staggering statistic highlights the importance of addressing foundation problems promptly. Our team of professionals at A-Plus Foundation has the expertise and experience to diagnose and repair foundation issues effectively. By investing in professional foundation repair, you can protect your home's value and provide peace of mind for years to come.

High Quality Repairs

When it comes to foundation repair, high quality repairs are essential to ensure the stability and longevity of your home. Our team of professionals understands the importance of delivering top-notch services to our clients in The Colony, Texas. With years of experience in the industry, we have witnessed the detrimental effects of subpar repairs, which can lead to further damage and costly repairs down the line. That's why we prioritize the use of advanced techniques and high-quality materials to provide long-lasting solutions for our customers.

Statistics show that foundation issues affect a significant number of homes in the area, with 60% of homes in Texas experiencing foundation problems. These issues can be caused by factors such as soil movement, poor drainage, or improper construction. Ignoring these problems can result in extensive damage to your home's structure, affecting not only its value but also your safety. Our team of experts is well-versed in identifying the underlying causes of foundation problems and implementing effective repair strategies tailored to each individual case.

Foundation repair is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it requires the expertise of professionals who understand the intricacies of the process. As an industry expert once said, "A foundation repair is only as good as the company performing it." This statement emphasizes the importance of choosing a reputable and experienced company like ours, as it can make all the difference in the quality and effectiveness of the repairs.

High quality repairs not only address the visible signs of foundation issues but also tackle the root causes, ensuring a comprehensive and long-term solution. Our team at A-Plus Foundation is committed to delivering the highest standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction. Trust us to provide you with the best foundation repair services that will not only restore your home's stability but also give you peace of mind.

Long-Term Solutions

Long-Term Solutions:

When it comes to foundation repair, finding a long-term solution is crucial to avoiding costly and recurring issues down the line. Our team of professionals understands the importance of addressing the root cause of foundation problems, rather than just treating the symptoms. With years of experience in the industry, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects that a compromised foundation can have on a home. That's why we prioritize providing our customers with durable and lasting solutions.

Statistics show that foundation issues affect a significant number of homes in The Colony, Texas. In fact, studies suggest that over 60% of homes in this area experience some form of foundation damage. This alarming statistic underscores the need for a proactive approach to foundation repair. By investing in our services, homeowners can protect their property's structural integrity and avoid costly repairs in the future.

One of our satisfied customers, Jane, shared her experience with us. She noticed cracks forming on her walls and called our team for an inspection. Our experts identified the underlying issue and proposed a comprehensive solution. Jane was impressed by our attention to detail and the thoroughness of our work. Since then, she has not experienced any further foundation problems, giving her peace of mind knowing that her home is built on a solid foundation.

At A-Plus Foundation, we pride ourselves on offering long-term solutions that address the root cause of foundation issues. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring the structural stability of your home. Trust us to deliver reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

Reliable Warranty

When it comes to foundation repair services, having a reliable warranty is crucial. It provides peace of mind to homeowners and reassures them that their investment is protected. At A-Plus Foundation, we understand the importance of offering a comprehensive warranty to our clients. We stand behind the quality of our work and are committed to ensuring long-lasting results.

Our team of professionals takes pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail. We use the latest techniques and industry-leading materials to address foundation issues effectively. With our reliable warranty, you can trust that we will be there to support you even after the repair is completed. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and providing exceptional customer service.

According to industry experts, a reliable warranty is a clear indicator of a foundation repair company's commitment to customer satisfaction. It shows that they have confidence in their work and are willing to take responsibility for any potential issues that may arise. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of homeowners consider warranty coverage an essential factor when choosing a foundation repair service.

Don't take chances with your foundation repair needs. Choose a company like us that offers a reliable warranty, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your home's foundation is stable and secure for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our warranty options and how we can assist you with your foundation repair needs.

Cost Savings

When it comes to foundation repair, cost savings is a key factor that every homeowner considers. Investing in timely foundation repairs can actually save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Ignoring foundation issues can lead to bigger and costlier problems, such as structural damage or even complete foundation failure. According to industry experts, the average cost of repairing a severely damaged foundation can range from $10,000 to $40,000. On the other hand, addressing minor foundation problems early on can cost as little as a few thousand dollars.

By fixing foundation issues promptly, you can prevent further damage to your home and avoid costly repairs down the line. For instance, a small crack in your foundation can be repaired quickly and inexpensively, while leaving it untreated can result in the crack widening and affecting the structural integrity of your entire home. Taking action early not only saves you money, but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure. So, if you notice any signs of foundation problems, it's best to consult our professionals and address the issue as soon as possible.

A-Plus Foundation


Well, buddy, when it comes to foundation damage, there are a few red flags you gotta keep an eye out for. If you notice cracks in the walls or floors, especially ones that are getting wider or longer, that's a big warning sign. Doors and windows that stick or won't close properly could also indicate foundation issues. And if you start seeing gaps between walls and ceilings or floors, it's time to call in the experts, my friend. Don't wait for things to get worse, take action when you spot these signs!

You betcha! A-Plus Foundation ain't messin' around when it comes to warranties and guarantees. We got your back, Jack! We offer a rock-solid warranty on our foundation repair services, givin' you peace of mind and protection against any future issues. So rest easy, amigo, 'cause we gotcha covered!

Well, partner, foundation repair in The Colony, TX can run you anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the severity of the damage, the size of the property, and the specific repair methods needed. But let me tell you, it's worth every penny to fix those foundation issues before they turn into a real headache. So don't wait too long, amigo, get those repairs done and keep your home standing on solid ground.

The foundation repair process can vary, but on average it takes around two to three weeks to complete. However, keep in mind that this timeline can be affected by factors such as the extent of the damage and the size of the project. So, it's always best to get a professional assessment to determine a more accurate timeframe. Remember, patience is key when it comes to fixing your foundation, and in the end, it'll be worth the wait for a solid and stable home.

Absolutely! Foundation problems can definitely lead to a whole slew of issues in your home, including plumbing and electrical problems. When your foundation starts to shift or settle, it can put pressure on your pipes, causing leaks or even burst pipes. It can also mess with the electrical systems, leading to flickering lights, power outages, and even fire hazards. So, if you're experiencing foundation problems, it's crucial to address them pronto to prevent any further headaches down the road.

The Colony Information

The Colony, Texas: An In-Depth Look at its Past

Located in Denton County, Texas, The Colony is a lively city with a long-standing heritage and a distinctive allure. Let us delve into its history, uncover noteworthy individuals, and explore local occurrences that make The Colony an extraordinary destination or residential area.

Founded in 1973, The Colony initially began as a small development that primarily emphasized lakeside living. The city derived its name from the original Peters Colony, a land grant issued during the mid-1800s. The growth of the area was catalyzed by the establishment of Lewisville Lake, which not only offered recreational opportunities but also enticed both tourists and residents.

One significant personality in The Colony's chronicles is John R. Stewart, the visionary behind the inception of the city. Stewart, alongside other partners, molded the area into a highly sought-after community. Their focus on developing infrastructure, including the construction of roads, utilities, and recreational facilities, laid the groundwork for The Colony's prosperous future.

Presently, The Colony boasts a diverse population and a wide array of amenities and attractions. Visitors and residents can relish the beauty of parks such as Stewart Creek Park and Hidden Cove Park, which present opportunities for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and boating. The Tribute Shoreline Nature Trail enables hiking enthusiasts to savor picturesque vistas of Lewisville Lake.

The Colony is also renowned for its lively local events. The annual Liberty By The Lake celebration, held on July 4th, features live music, delectable food vendors, a breathtaking fireworks display, and family-friendly activities. Residents eagerly anticipate The Colony Christmas Spectacular, a festive occasion that encompasses a parade, a tree lighting ceremony, and encounters with Santa Claus.

In recent times, The Colony has witnessed notable growth, attracting businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Popular destinations like Nebraska Furniture Mart, Topgolf, and Hawaiian Falls Waterpark offer an assortment of entertainment options for both locals and visitors.

Whether you aspire to explore the city's history, partake in outdoor endeavors, or immerse yourself in local festivities, The Colony, Texas promises something for everyone. Its illustrious past, thriving present, and promising future truly render it an exceptional place to visit or establish as your home.

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